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The AlgoSource group, a recognized world expert in microalgae, offers an end-to-end range of services, from production engineering through to value creation and the industrial development of microalgae.
Its long experience in microalgae extracts production and in particular in a unique spirulina-based phycocyanin extract, gives AlgoSource its expertise on targeted markets like nutraceuticals and cosmectics.
Its unique expertise encompasses all the processes involved in producing and transforming microalgae and guarantees the group's industrial customers a global insight.
AlgoSource develops four key areas for its industrial clients and for its consumers :
  • Microalgae production within controlled systems (photobioreactors also known as PBR)
  • Biorefinery engineering (tailored molecule extracts)
  • Creation and sale of range of natural products (check out our online shop)
  • Conception of integrated culture systems (PBR design from 1 liter to several m3)



Subitec Company Profile 
Subitec GmbH is a German biotech company headquartered in Stuttgart, specialized in process engineering, equipment and services for the cultivation and for industrial scale production of microalgae. Established as a spin off from the Fraunhofer Institute, Subitec looks back at more than 20 years of experience with microalgae. Subitec is developer and technology owner of the unique and patented photobioreactor technology -the Flat Panel Airlift Reactor (FPA).The FPA photobioreactors are available in three different cultivation volumes, with the 6-liter and 28-liter reactors for process development and optimization on a laboratory and pilot scale while the 180-liter reactors are used for cost-effective industrial cultivation.
Subitec's track record includes the supply of equipment and services to major laboratories andresearch institutes and the design and construction of pilot plants and large scale production plantsfor commercial customers.Our services are designed to support our customers throughout the valuechain.
Our services include:
  • Cultivation studies, scale-up studies and process development
  • Supply of laboratory equipment and Inoculation systems
  • Conceptual, feasibility studies and Basic engineering
  • Design, construction and the supply of turn-key production systems
  • Spare parts, technical support and technical services e.g. maintenance
  • Process optimization, short-to midterm pilot-scale contract manufacturing
Subitec's equipment is used for cultivating high value microalgae that find application in e.g. aquaculture, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare. Subitec cooperates with established national and international customers in diverse projects.
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