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Today, ALGAIA is entirely focused on the manufacturing, sales and sustainable development of a wide range of products and services related to seaweed and other natural botanical extracts.

Our products portfolio includes a complete range of high quality hydrocolloids from carrageenans (ALGAIA being the exclusive distributor of Gelymar’s Carrageenans in Europe) to alginates and functional systems. Algaia benefits from a unique combination of knowledge and expertise on proprietary green extraction technologies, natural extract analyses and a deep market understanding in both conventional and specialty seaweed extracts domains.

Our services bring together product texturizing solutions, algae and algae product analyses and bioactivity assays to foster the development of innovative products and solutions of high potential value for our stakeholders and customers in the Agro-industries, Food, Feed, Cosmetic and Pharmacology markets. Our experts and international team combines passion, innovation, creativity, flexibility, speed, market understanding, process and business expertise to offer our customers and partners unique solutions to their (unmet) needs.

ALGAIA is proudly supporting the International Symposium for Applied Phycology, and is looking forward to meeting you all in Nantes to stimulate our businesses and push the science of algae one step further.


ALGAIA Central Offices: 13-15 Rue Taitbout, 75009 - Paris - France

ALGAIA R&D Centre: 91 Rue Edouard Branly, 50000 St Lô, Normandie, France

ALGAIA Production Facilities: ZI de Ménez Bras, 29870, Lannilis, Brittany, France





Cabinet Vidon


 « VIDON » - aka Vidon IP Law Group - is a group of patent and trademark firms specializing in protecting intellectual property assets of high- and mid-tech companies and research centres of all types of technologies and business models, including biotechnologies, IT, physics etc..

VIDON Patent & Strategy Division includes a specific Department dedicated to patents , contracts and other means of legal protection for marine and fresh water biotechs, algae and seaweed, and their industrial and practical applications in all types of usages.

VIDON currently is a network of more than 40 Intellectual Property consultants, attorneys and lawyers in 8 offices in Europe and Asia.

Vidon main offices are located in France (Paris, Nantes, Rennes), P. R. of China (Shanghai) and Thailand (Bangkok), with more than 200 representatives all over the world (USA, Canada ; South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc..).







Website : www.vidon.com






We are experts in algal biology. Our vision is to change the world through algae solutions that are sustainable, cost-competitive and high performance. We accomplish this vision through our mission of providing products (Algem® labscale photobioreactor family) and services (Algenious®) that help our customers discover, optimise, improve, engineer, and analyse microalgae strains as well as access high value products from these strains for application within diverse markets. We include a team of algal biologists and synthetic biologists, engineers, product developers, coders, manufacturing team and business development professionals working together to navigate a challenging and still emerging business landscape where flexibility and innovation are key. We are enthusiastic and driven by our five core values of innovation, excellence, integrity, generosity and team. Based just north of London, United Kingdom within the Golden Triangle for Biotech, we are integrated within a research network that includes leading academic scientists and engineers in addition to microalgal companies and organisations globally.



 InVivo Labs


InVivo Labs is your preferred analysis provider with over 60 years of experience in analyzing human and animal food.

Invivo Labs offers an extensive range of analyses thanks to its expertise in physical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology for stakeholders in animal and human nutrition, the environment, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics.

Invivo Labs currently represents:

 6 high-level laboratories: 3 in France, 1 in Italy, 1 in Brazil, and 1 in Vietnam. 

  • 300 employees
  • 2,000,000 tests

Invivo Labs has developed an expertise in algae analysis, with specific pretreatment procedures for more reliable and accurate analyses results for different stakeholders. Our human-sized network of laboratories propose tailored solutions to support our customers in their projects and their strategies.

Our laboratories are accredited. We are also technical membership for standardization commissions (AFNOR, AOAC International, ISO, BIPEA, AGLAE).



Groupe Roullier

Enabling earth and mankind to produce the best



Groupe Roullier was founded in 1959 on the port town of Saint-Malo (Brittany, France). The group establishes its first facility for grinding red calcareous algae; maërl, whose particular characteristics make it the ideal conditioner for acidic soils.

 Committed for almost 60 years to Plant Nutrition, to Animal Nutrition and to the Food-industry, the Groupe Roullier leans on its industrial and technical excellence, its unique business model and a dynamic innovation labs.  Through these years, it has always continued to develop its expertise and skillsets in marine biotechnology, by launching new original amendments, fertilizers and biostimulants based on seaweed extracts, in more than 110 countries.  

 In 2016, the Global Innovation Centre Roullier open its doors in Saint-Malo. With its exceptional facilities and human expertise, focused on cutting edge initiatives to bring marine bioactive substances to market ,this new interdisciplinary state of the art facilities demonstrates the scale of the Group's ambition: to maintain its market leadership while answering  the challenges of tomorrow’s Agriculture







One major aim of the IDEALG Project (www.idealg.ueb.eu) is to consolidate and enhance knowledge and competences for the development of the macroalgae uses in France, based on major breakthroughs in the field of seaweed genomics and genetics.

 IDEALG is completing its 6th year and has provided numerous developments and consequent scientific productions. In particular, the project can highlight the development of tools for genetic, chemical and mathematic analyses to better understand the physiology, the metabolism and the growth of the seaweeds in their environment.

 The development of biological tools mainly concerns the model brown algae Ectocarpus. Quantitative genetics methods  in Ectocarpus, as well as the analysis of biosynthetic pathways of components of interest such as phlorotannins or mannitol, provided new tools that now can be adapted to new seaweed species like  Saccharina latissima that are ofcommercial interest and amenable for genetic breeding.

 Furthermore, the work in IDEALG resulted in the elaboration of the first complete maps of brown and red seaweed metabolic pathways (ECTOGEM & ChondrusGEM).

 New valorization opportunities are being pursued for applications in green chemistry notably organic surfactants, but also in the field of Hygiene and Health to fight against bacterial biofilms.

 Some bacteria associated to seaweed are sources for important molecules, especially enzymes that are used to extract the constituents of seaweed into high value added compounds for the purpose of industrial applications or to develop new  biotechnological processes.

 Impact studies on natural seaweed species are being carried out before their exploitation and the results will lead to a better management of the resources.

 In parallel, a SWOT analysis for algoculture was put in place in cooperation with the seaweed industry as a reference for decision-making processes. Moreover, the analysis of the ecosystem services for an algoculture project was useful to set up compensatory measures.

 Social and economic studies were also conducted towards the development of potential markets for edible seaweeds as well as Life Cycle Assessments of seaweed aquaculture and biorefining.

 Numerous innovative and research projects have been initiated through IDEALG, such as the H2020 GENIALG Project (www.genialgproject.eu) started in January 2017. Today, IDEALG’s collaborative platform is welcoming as many as 30 companies.



Synoxis Algae


Synoxis Algae is the brand of the French plastics processing company Synoxis, for biotechnologies.

It is specialized in design and building of micro-algae cultivation systems.

Synoxis has been involved for more than 20 years into the micro-algae sector as a plastics processing expert for different well-known research laboratories.

Synoxis Algae has developed, together with IFREMER and NANTES UNIVERSITY, an air-lift and tubular technology for Photobioreactors. Its specific feature consists into creating a whirling movement of the fluid which will significantly limit the attachment of biofilm on the pipes’ walls, therefore greatly increasing productivity of the system.

This patent protected technology has since then been adapted on LUCY, a 16-liters photobioreactor.

Efficient, accessible and agile, LUCY stems from the convergence of the worlds of sea-farming and research laboratories.

Synoxis Algae’s businesses are:

-          Manufacturing of standard photobioreactors (LUCY)

-          Design and building of customized photobioreactors

-          Development and construction of specific algae-growing equipment (paddle-wheels, pools, barrels, etc…)



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